The Divine Time Keeper

The Divine Time Keeper
By Matt Schnirel

I just threw the first snow ball
Where did the hour go?
I’ve been in this car for ages
But we only got on a minute ago!
It’s loud in the front room
I just want to get to bed
The divine time keeper only smiles
But I know what he said.

It’s the minute I met you
But I’ve known you for years
I’ve never seen your bad times
But I can feel all your tears
I watched every second
Only a minute has gone by
All we did was nothing
Man can time fly.

Remember last week
My god it’s been two years
We just sat down
It’s already been five beers?
You’ve only been gone minutes
Haven’t the leaves begun to change?
Ever since I met you
My clock’s been stuck on strange.
The divine time keeper used to keep his feet up
And let the world go round
But these days I’m away from you
He’s got both feet on the ground.