By Matt Schnirel

With a voice as big as all of outdoors
He quietly greets us how do you do
We all cheer in our cars
And let the record play straight through.
The voice hits smooth and powerful
As soon as he opens his mouth
We don’t know how he does it
But we’re sure glad he can
Somehow grabbing the soul
Of each child, woman and man.
Then the story teller grabs me
With the vulnerability in his voice
We all close our eyes and fall in deep
Without ever having a choice
The emotion carries the night
As each changing line rings like a sermon
As the crowd believes his rhyme
We slip into an ease without time
And miss people we never intended to
The street poet is able to carry on
The feeling he captured so long
Before we ever knew such a voice existed
As his voice does the painting
My ears sure do cry
They bleed for the next of his jazzy soulful, soft, luxurious, smooth harmonies
That he’s holding deep inside
ready to burst out like a jack on a spring
Man can he really sing…