Photographic Smile

Photographic Smile
By Matt Schnirel

It started off as a celebration
Let’s make that simple wish come true
But I got more out of your reaction
Than you ever meant me to
It’s funny how smiles can ignite pictures
In the future we haven’t met
But as long as you keep up that feeling
You damn well better bet
On me keeping that snapshot in my album
In the front of my mind
Keeping that rush on speed-dial
And that excitiment at the very beginning of your line
Your eyes told me you miss horses
I agree with all my heart
His reaction tells me you’re beautiful
And I will make sure someday they play a vital part
In your streams of happiness
In your rivers on sunny days
Waking up excited for the next one in the way
Well I want that unforgettable, undeniable, uncontrollable smile
To radiate in every single way
The picture you posed in my mind
To hold with your soul some day