My Rainbow

My Rainbow
By Matt Schnirel

I can’t find the words to do justice
So I’ll let nature describe
Its most beautiful moment
That I’ll someday inscribe
Onto the frame of your portrait
The ring you’ll proudly wear
All the colors of magic
Blowing through your silky hair.

You are my luckiest moment
Natural wonder come true
I smile up at the prismatic sky
And follow the rainbow in you.

Layers of beauty and magic
All the way through
When I’m feeling down in a rut
All I need to do
Is hear your angelic voice
And I brighten back up.

The lonely storm is over
My sunlight is no longer smeared
Through the clouds of years past
My destiny has appeared.
Looking back on the past
I remember that no rain
Was ever known to last
So if I ever don’t know which way to go
I can always just follow my rainbow.
You will always be
The best part of me…
You’ll always be my rainbow.