Broken Window

Broken Window
By Matt Schnirel

The old woman’s eyes speak so loud
Glossy brown but still so proud
Of what’s she’s doing and who she is
In that warm green dress
With her heart beating fast
For her mind can’t rest.
A fear like this she’s never known
Can’t even keep her children safe in her home
Their father’s gone and so is her smile
Give anything to rest for a while.
I bleed for her
With her hair tied back
I bleed for her
For she can’t fight back.
She bends half over to sweep up the glass
It broke more than her dreams
It shattered more than the family name
It cut a piece of her spirit
For which she’ll never be the same.
No matter what she does
That window can never be replaced
For it cut a piece of her heart
That blood she’ll always taste.
I bleed for her as her back breaks
I bleed for her and the concern on her face
I bleed for her because we both know
She’ll never get out of this place.