Blue Like That

Blue Like That
By Matt Schnirel

I wake with you in the same bed
Stand up to this pain in my head
Sorry darling I’m movin’ a little slow
No time now, away to the show
A little destiny throws us off track
Taken by authority, we can’t fight back
Slide up front and find some friends
The young here waiting for the silence to end
Push a little forward and get into view
Hold tight to the warm motion of you
Lights dim low, adrenaline flow
Out they come, away we go
Spot light white, the thick air tonight,
I turn around and your smile reacts
I’ve never seen blue like that.

Thrown together like fruit in the store
The song ends as we scream for more
They play the one you were dying to hear
We listen closely, smiling ear to ear
Feels like the rooms closing in
The ceilings sweating
Dehydrated bodies begin to trade-in
Spinning twirls for head nods
Jumping for the enthusiastic applauds
But it doesn’t matter at all
Wishing that they’d play
Till the last one of us falls
Right in the middle of the bass line
I turn around to find
I’ve never seen blue like that.

Encores over and with it the night
Memories carry on things that hit us right
Maybe it was the spinning of colors
Or the glistening of your brow
But I have a feeling somehow
That of all the colors I’ve seen in the sea
All the babies’ eyes that have passed through me
All the sunny days without a cloud in the sky
And every other time I’ve looked you in the eye
I’ve never seen blue like that.