A Little Bit

A Little Bit
By Matt Schnirel

Beautiful horizon
I need a little bit of your light
Perfect blue eyes
I want a little bit of your sight

A little bit of magic
A little bit of soul
A little bit of laughter
As we let the good times roll

Oh the feeling of waking up early
Just to catch the first glimps of sunlight on your face
Take in your sweet smell of summer
And letting love make its case.
Phone calls for nothing
Other than to hear the kindness in your voice
Putting the whole world on hold
As if I really had a choice

A little bit of wind kisses
A little bit of rain
A little bit of forever
They’ll always be a little bit more to gain.

Feeling close with slow songs
Holding tight in the dark
No need to search for a perfect moment
As we just let chemistry be our spark.
Playing together in card games
Dressing warm in the cold
Holding each others future
Happiness beginning to unfold

A little bit in the morning
A little bit more at night
For it’s all these little bits
That makes our love so right.